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About Us



Our Vision and Mission

Formed in 2009 by newly released lifers committed to the men and women they left behind, the Fair Chance Project represents a movement of formerly incarcerated men and women, prisoners, and the loved ones of term to life prisoners, organized around the demand for just sentencing laws and fair parole practices. We also work to help integrate formerly incarcerated men and women back into society, enabling them to give back, and to help build strong, self-sustaining communities.

Our Goals

  • That prisoners be released by the power of the Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) upon fulfilling all reasonable criteria for eligibility.
  • That formerly incarcerated men and women become a positive force in the lives of their communities, with an emphasis on the lives of the youth.
  • That we seek viable alternatives other than prison to protect the public safety.

Our Advocacy Work

  • Work for periodic review of extreme sentences.
  • END Life Without the Possibility of Parole and END the Death Penalty.
  • Engage the state legislature and the Governor around demands for fair sentencing laws and parole policies.
  • Educate and support people in prison and their families on how to navigate the system.